Speech and Language Therapy

Services for Social Bridges have expanded to include speech and language therapy. Services will be provided in the Center in Orlando or Kissimmee.

Services are for children who are struggling with different areas of communication which might be impacting their overall abilities to function in a group. When children have a strong development of language skills, this leads to a strong development of social skills. When children have the correct vocabulary, they are able to gain confidence in their speech and are able to express their thoughts and feelings better. Deficits in understanding language (receptive language and auditory processing disorders), vocabulary (expressive language), sound production (articulation), and stuttering can cause shame, embarassment, frustration, and in turn, isolation. These deficits affect a child’s ability to interact with others during social communication. We can address these deficits in a 1:1 setting in order to help the child improve his overall social communication skills. 

For more information, please reach out through our inquiry form for a complimentary consultation with Maria Van Sant, or call 407-970-2940.


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