Skill Building Groups

Building the Social Skills for Success

Social Bridges Skill Building Groups offer participants of diverse abilities and ages — from children in PreK to young adults — the chance to develop the social and emotional competencies that lead to life success. The curriculum is age-appropriate, teaching skills that range from making friends and joining in play to managing stress and regulating emotions. Trained facilitators teach skills and lead participants in interactive games, activities, and discussions.

Groups meet at our office, “The Cottage” three times per month. Once a month, the group engages in activities to reinforce the social tools. These are either out in the Community “outings” (e.g. bowling, buying Italian ices, going to a park or playground) or theme-based activities at the Cottage called “innings” (e.g. games night, holiday party).

Please note:
There are no refunds due to the absence or withdrawal from groups.

Tuition and Fees

The cost is $70 per group session, unless otherwise indicated. The overall tuition is determined by the number of weeks in the semester. Fall semester runs from August-December and Spring semester runs from January-May. Summer courses are also available. For new families, there is a one-time fee of $100, which includes a parent training session.  

When you enroll your child or teen, you are making a semester-long commitment for Fall or Spring. Regular attendance is encouraged, as skills build upon one another. Additionally, in the semester-long commitment, you will not be refunded for sessions missed.

A non-refundable deposit to ensure placement in the group is due two weeks prior to start of group sessions. This deposit will be credited towards the overall tuition. Monthly payments are based on sessions held each month. Payment needs to be paid in full either at the beginning of the semester or paid monthly. There are no refunds due to absence or withdrawal from groups. 

Insurance receipts will be provided monthly to those with current accounts through Simple Practice. Superbills are automatically generated the first week of each month and show all required information for reimbursements.

Family Empowerment Scholarship - Unique Abilities (FES-UA)

Your child or teen can use their FES funds for our services. During our intake interview, please provide the student number, and we will send you Monthly statements to file for reimbursement with both Step-Up and AAA. 

If we are filing for you, please check your email from Step Up to approve payment for services. It is your responsibility to ensure your child is in attendance for each session, as only sessions attended can be reimbursed. Any sessions missed are the responsibility of the family to make up (a check-in call with facilitator), or to pay out-of-pocket ($70/session).

We invite you to explore our skill building groups:


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