Social Coaching
and Consulting

Social Bridges® is proud to offer extensive social-emotional consultation services, including parent training, social coaching, and individual and family counseling.  

Social Coaching
We provide social coaching for individuals (children, teens, or adults), families and parents. Fee: $133 per 60-minute session.

We provide counseling for individuals (children, teens, or adults), families, and parents. Fee: $133 per 50-minute session.

School Observation
This includes a one-hour observation from professional Social Bridges staff, written feedback, and/or a conference with parents and teacher(s).
Fee: $150 for one-hour observation, $115 per additional hour.

​School Meeting
Social Bridges professional staff meets with teacher(s) to help them apply the social tools and terms in the school setting. Fee: $125.

Ongoing Social Coaching at School
This includes written feedback for teacher(s) and parent(s).
Fee: $115 once a week and $100 per additional time per week.


Contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn more about these services and to find the right fit for your child or family’s needs.


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