Comprehensive Social Emotional Programs

Whether you want to enroll your child in a skill building peer group, individualized coaching, or a fun summer program, Social Bridges® has many programs and services designed to meet your family’s needs. Our comprehensive services provide children through young adults with diverse opportunities to develop core social-emotional competencies. We collaborate with parents, teachers, and outside experts to ensure a well-rounded, team-based approach to social-emotional instruction. We invite you to explore our services below, or contact us to LEARN MORE.



Social Bridges provides a safe environment to learn and practice social skills with peers:

  • Direct Teaching/Practice through engaging activities
  • Social Coaching – Feedback in the moment
  • Reinforcement and Generalization of skills via community-based activities
  • Parent education and support

Social Skill Building Groups 

Small group sessions develop and reinforce social skills training. Through engaging activities led by professional facilitators, participants practice skills, connect with peers, and gain confidence in a safe and nurturing environment, whether in person or online.




Members who are enrolled in a skill building group have the opportunity to join extracurricular clubs that provide opportunities to practice skills with social coaching. Connections are formed as peers engage in fun activities.



Social Coaching & Consulting 

Social Bridges provides coaching and counseling services for children/teens and families and consultations with school staff. We also offer individualized social coaching services for adults with a focus on communication skills and coping strategies. Our goal is to help adults learn to effectively navigate through academic and professional settings. 

Summer Programs 

Summer programs, whether virtual or face-to-face, foster fun and friendships along with valuable social skills. Children and teens engage in social-emotional learning while interacting in their favorite activities, including Space Camp, Dungeons & Dragons, and Improv Camp. 


Parent Empowerment Workshops

Monthly Parent Empowerment Workshops via Zoom– For parents of children and teens, Attendees will learn how to apply social coaching techniques at home and leave with helpful tools that are tailored on each workshop.


Friendship Group – Coming Fall 2023

Our in-person Friendship Group is designed to make social-emotional learning fun for preschoolers through Kindergarteners. Our two nine week sessions are open to participants with no prior Social Bridges training.

Community Partners

Social Bridges is proud to team up with partners in our community: RAISE, a program through Shalom Orlando, is designed with a mission to build confidence and support adults with special needs and their families in alliance with the Vocational Rehabilitation job search process.


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