Summer Institute

Advance Your Skill Set

The Summer Institute is an interactive, multi-day workshop in Orlando, FL which provides participants everything needed to implement the Social Bridges® ToolBox curriculum with students, teachers, and families. The course is open to educators who have licensed or plan to license the Social Bridges curriculum. Participants will receive and be trained with a comprehensive Facilitators Manual. 

Become a Social Bridges ToolBox facilitator by learning theory and strategies that lead to:

  • Understanding social cognition
  • Creating a positive school climate and caring community culture
  • Social Bridges ToolBox Certification to train other personnel in your school

The workshops are conducted by curriculum developers Judy Levin, Ed.D., Carol Miller, LCSW, and other professional staff.

Please contact Carol Miller at for more information.

What Participants Found Most Helpful 

“Seeing the scaffolding of skills from K-high school.”

“Connecting back to real life situations”

“Learning new games/books to use”

“Practicing the lessons”

“Learning about matching and code switching””

“Hands-on practice”

“Summary/feedback/social autopsy”

“Good visual aids”

“Understanding the format of the lessons”

“Learning how to teach the content in an unobtrusive way in the classroom”

“Learning about how other schools have incorporated the curriculum in their schools”

“Participating as students in lessons”

“Great examples were provided and there was a lot of experiential learning”

“Instructors showed enthusiasm as well as expertise in sharing material”

“The manual are very comprehensive”

“The graphics are age appropriate”

“The manual is very clearly stated and easily understood”

“Tools from the manual are very helpful”

“Being able to teach lessons before we return to home schools”


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 115 E. Marks St. Orlando, FL 32803