Social Bridges® ToolBox 

For Schools, Home School Groups and Recreational Programs
Social Bridges ToolBox, designed for schools with more than 100 students, provides a structured social-emotional curriculum differentiated by grade, for preschool through 12th grade. Developmentally-appropriate lessons build on one another to foster the social competencies and skills necessary for success in school and in life. The trauma-informed curriculum provides tools and interactive activities grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy to teach students how to regulate their emotions, use calming tools, problem solve and access the parts of their brain where they can listen, learn, and retain information. With Social Bridges in the classroom, teachers are able to put the focus back on learning. The comprehensive curriculum package includes schoolwide professional development workshops, parent training, and consultations with Social Bridges experts.

Social Bridges ToolBox-to-Go is designed for schools and programs with fewer than 100 students. Toolbox-to-Go, a “recipe book” of skills and activities to intentionally teach and practice skills, is divided into Elementary (1st-5th grades), and Middle/High School (6th-12th grades) manuals. Appropriately scaled in scope and affordability, it provides a cost-effective, accessible social-emotional curriculum for smaller schools or programs.

In addition to the ToolBox curriculum packages, we offer consultations and professional development workshops on a wide variety of social-emotional learning topics. For information on specific topics, please contact

Students develop social skills which include:

  • Emotional regulation
  • Matching social expectations
  • Reading and responding to social cues
  • Conversation skills
  • Being helpful
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Assertiveness tools/self-advocacy
  • Perspective taking
  • Being flexible
  • Problem solving
  • Empathy

What Social Bridges Can Do For You:

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An All-Inclusive Curriculum

Modules are available for students in PreK-K, 1st-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, Middle School, and High School. Each module explicitly teaches skills and provides interactive opportunities for practice. Social Bridges ToolBox provides everything necessary to implement the curriculum, including:

  • Manuals with comprehensive, grade-appropriate lesson plans
  • Play-based activities and interactive discussion questions
  • Music and book recommendations that lead to teachable moments
  • Supplemental resources such as classroom posters and playground signs to reinforce lessons
  • Bridges-to-Home lesson plans to share with parents
  • Teacher manuals that help reinforce Social Bridges tools schoolwide
  • Teacher professional development provided by Social Bridges staff
  • Parent workshops co-taught by Social Bridges staff
  • One-on-one consultations with Social Bridges experts in the domain of social-emotional development
  • Annual supplements based on the latest societal trends and research in social-emotional instruction

Curriculum Highlights  

A Living Curriculum

Social Bridges is grounded in established research and best practices in the field of social-emotional development and cognitive behavioral therapies. Developed from decades of clinical work, Social Bridges ToolBox is a “living” curriculum that continuously evolves to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing society, including the current epidemic of anxiety among young people. The Social Bridges team continues to conduct clinical work, allowing for real-time insights into societal trends and student needs.

A Customizable Approach

The ToolBox curriculum is designed to be easily adapted to meet the needs of varying schools and educational environments. Flexible and customizable, lesson plans offer facilitators everything necessary to teach modules, while allowing for modification and personalization.

A Common Language

Social Bridges ToolBox provides a consistent set of language and tools for the entire school community. When educators, students, and parents come together with a set of shared tools and resources, the results are exponential. The most important people in a child’s life all “speak the same language,” allowing for a continuity of social-emotional instruction in and out of the classroom.

A Sense of Camaraderie

Activities and discussions are intentionally designed to build trust among the student body. Respectful communication is taught, modeled, and encouraged. Play-based activities teach students how to “match” the tone of their environment, leading to fewer disruptive behaviors in the classroom. Students are empowered to advocate for themselves and emboldened to reach out to peers with empathy and compassion — leading to more harmonious classrooms and promoting a schoolwide culture of kindness.

Exceptional Student Outcomes

Social Bridges ToolBox helps students develop into poised, confident individuals. From learning how to properly greet each other to interpreting nonverbal cues, students gain a mastery of the “soft skills” that lead to greater success in peer-to-peer interactions, in academic environments, and in the workplace. Lessons are developmentally-appropriate: While preschool students learn foundational skills such as “red light/green light” cues, high school students master the ability to navigate socially-complex situations. Students of all ages develop a positive sense of connection with others and the world around them, enabling them to forge the deeper, more meaningful relationships that are key to fulfillment.

Problem solving is another core value of the curriculum. Social Bridges’ SODAS is a powerful teaching tool which provides teachers and facilitators the framework and language to coach students through social conflict and decision making. Students learn to look at the specific situation, explore their options, evaluate both disadvantages and advantages, and then formulate solutions. Empowered to think critically, students learn accountability and responsibility while developing a sense of agency.


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