Adult Programs

Office-Based Adult Program


Our adult groups are comprised of individuals aged 18-30 who are either employed, seeking employment, enrolled in post-secondary education or work training programs, or looking to learn social skills needed for successful adult living.


Adult groups also focus on an awareness of daily skills needed for independent living. Group members are encouraged to set short term goals with their parents and, as a family, focus on learning 1-2 independence skills each semester. 


Participants will learn:

  • Social skills to prepare and be successful in the workplace

    • Following directions

    • Positive attitude

    • Interview skills

    • Appropriate topics of conversation in the workplace

    • Accepting orders from a boss

    • Getting along with co-workers

    • Managing frustration and anger on the job

    • Reading and responding to social cues

    • Working as part of a team

    • Self advocacy


For additional information please see our Office-Based Programs page.



Social Bridges® is proud to serve as a Community Partner for RAISE - Recognizing Abilities and Inclusion of Special Needs Adults.  Under the auspices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando, this non –denominational work training program for adults with special needs provides 6 months to one year of part time paid work experience with job coaching and social skills training. RAISE works alongside of Vocational Rehabilitation to help link RAISE employees with competitive work opportunities. 


Social Bridges® provides:


  • Social skills training via weekly Lunch and Learn sessions as it pertains to the work setting.

  • Training/supervision of volunteer job coaches.

  • Training of work site liaisons.

  • Problem solving/troubleshooting on the job site.

  • Partnership with families.


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