What is Social Bridges®?

Social Bridges® is a licensed, interactive social skills curriculum for elementary, middle and high school age children.

Small groups are formed according to a child's age, developmental level, and needs. These groups are for children who often struggle with social situations.

Participants learn and practice skills in groups of 4-6 children with two professional facilitators.  Backgrounds of the facilitators may include education, mental health counseling or speech and language therapy.  Facilitators provide social coaching; teaching the skills and providing feedback as to what the child is doing that makes them successful and what they could be doing differently.

Participants will learn how to read and respond to social cues, how to join a group, and how to develop tools for handling difficult experiences with peers.


Techniques for teaching and practicing these skills may include:

  • Role play exercises

  • Individual Team Games

  • Cooperative Games

  • Drama Therapy activities

  • Modeling social behaviors

  • Handouts

  • Reinforcement activities

  • Increased self awareness/self monitoring through videotaping

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