Success Stories 

Over our 20-year history, we are proud to have partnered with many families, educators, and extraordinary young people. Here are just a few Social Bridges® success stories:

From the moment we started with Social Bridges in 2007, we have felt GREAT support and obtained a wealth of information for our child, now 16 years old, and for our family.

— Social Bridges Parent

We have clearly seen our child grow and improve in his social interactions. From the rough years in middle school to his now second year in high school. Challenges that we thought would come have disappeared.

— Social Bridges Parent

Thank you so much! Your support as a vendor and your presentation were a major reason why our event was such a success. On behalf of the Learning Disabilities Association of Florida  thank you!

— Learning Disabilities Association of Florida

My son had a wonderful freshman year and was selected for the leadership team next year. He is traveling extensively this summer and also working as a camp counselor. We can’t thank you enough for all of your help. We constantly use all of the skills from Social Bridges.

— Mother of a teenager diagnosed with Asperger’s, anxiety disorder and sensory issues

I must say that I am very pleased with the professionalism, behavioral strategies, communications, and overall implementation of the program thus far. It is very organized, and the notes will be extremely helpful because I know as parents we need to reinforce what is being taught and really need the tools to do so.

— Danielle, mother of a third-grade son diagnosed with ADHD

The thorough nature of Social Bridges recommendations and communication with school and other professionals is what makes Social Bridges so uniquely valuable to parents of children struggling with social skills problems. Bridging the gap from therapy to daily life is critical, and it can’t be done without collaboration.

— Dr. Terri Daly, Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

Thank you and Social Bridges staff for providing my son and others with a much-needed service. I truly appreciate the updates. They show me that the program is well organized and facilitated with clear objectives and goals as well as a general emphasis on having fun.

— Sarah, mother of adult program participant

Social Bridges has given my child a sense of awareness. She is more in tune to how others respond to her behavior. She’s learned to blend in.

— Social Bridges Parent

I just wanted to let you know that there are spontaneously three other children, willingly, at our house. This has never happened before. I think the social coaching is working. Hallelujah.

— Mother of a fifth-grade girl

Online or virtual social skills can differ from in-person social interactions and bring with them their own challenges and anxieties. My son would run from the room or make loud noises or distracting movements when we would Skype or FaceTime family, even up to this spring. Forced to adapt in these difficult times to a new normal, but in a safe space with fellow group members who may also be having challenges, along with the prepared facilitators, allowed him to practice his social skills in this setting and utilize his calm down tools…. While we wish this pandemic never occurred, having to adjust our activities has opened up a whole new world for our son. 

— Social Bridges Parent

Social Bridges has meant the world to my son and our family! We have participated nonstop for the past four years. It is “the one” therapy my son really, really looks forward to attending. Social Bridges has given him a safe place to make friends, learn pertinent social skills, and interact among peers in a nonthreatening setting. Some of his best friends are those that we have met in our “Friendship Group”! As a bonus, I have met some very dear friends as a mommy. It is a wonderful support to our daily life!! Social Bridges has been an integral part of our treatment protocol!! I wish everyone could have an opportunity to participate!!

— Social Bridges Parent

I just read the report from the last session… I am so pleased that he is doing well. I see a noticeable difference in home and at school.  I really think Social Bridges is doing wonderful things for my son and I appreciate all of the time, patience and help you have given my child!  We met a new gentleman recently, and my son immediately walked up to the man, looked him in the eye and shook his hand. I was very impressed!  Thank you for all that you do!

— Robin, stepmother of a 7-year-old boy diagnosed with Asperger’s


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