A Transformative Approach to
Social-Emotional Learning

Social Bridges® is grounded in established research and decades of clinical work in the field of social-emotional development and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our comprehensive suite of services includes small, peer-group lessons, individual social coaching, parent training, and school curricula. Social Bridges utilizes interactive, age-appropriate activities to help children create meaningful connections while learning social skills. In a supportive environment, art, drama, storytelling, music, technology, and gaming activities are all used to engage and motivate. Our mission is to equip children, teens, and young adults with the emotional intelligence, social competencies, and lifelong interpersonal skills to succeed. 

Virtual Programs & Clubs

Social Bridges

Skill Building Groups, Clubs, Parent Training, and Support

Social Bridges provides children and young adults engaging opportunities to develop social competencies that are the hallmarks of successful people. Interactive group classes, individualized coaching, parent training, and special programs help participants gain the “soft skills” to understand their emotions, interact with others, and build healthy friendships. LEARN MORE

Our comprehensive resources are especially beneficial for individuals who have diagnoses of ADHD, gifted or twice exceptional, ASD, anxiety disorders, and learning differences.

Social Bridges
ToolBox Curriculum

SEL for Schools, Homeschool Groups, Recreational Programs, and More!

Designed for students in preschool through twelfth grade, Social Bridges ToolBox® provides educators with a comprehensive, evidence-based social-emotional curriculum that includes developmentally-appropriate lesson plans, play-based activities, and training for teachers and parents. Schools benefit from Social Bridges’ expertise and ongoing, personalized support.

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halloween 2020

Social Skills, Tips, and Tools for Halloween 2020

New Celebrations, Same Skills As we all know, Halloween will be a bit different this year. However, the same social tools for success still apply! In this article, we discuss the important social skills needed for a successful family and community...

Shine a Light on Bullying

Bullying happens – Even with social distancing during unstructured times at school, bullying can occur 24/7 online. With so much of life happening virtually these days, the opportunities for cyberbullying only increases. Since our inception, Social Bridges...
By Supreme Court of the United States - Supreme Court of the United States (Source 2), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=94295523

Lessons Learned from RBG

What can the legacy of the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg teach our children? Over the past days, much has been written about RBG and her illustrious career. Young girls, teens, mothers and grandmothers have long recognized and appreciated RBG’s...

Uncertainty – the Word of the Moment

If I had to pick one word to encompass what so many of us are feeling at this moment – I would choose the word “uncertainty.” Plans for school – be it virtual, home, or face to face -seem to change by the millisecond. Guidelines for safety during the...

All Screen Time is NOT Created Equal

With many families opting for distance learning this fall, parents are understandably concerned about the amount of time their children are spending on devices. Prior to the pandemic, experts on child development touted limiting screen time.  I am here to...

Coaching vs. Fixing

Parents often ask what is the most beneficial way to teach your child the social skills they need to get along in life.  In one word - Coaching.  A sports coach: teaches the rules of the game, gives players specific feedback on what they are doing to be...


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