A Transformative Approach to
Social-Emotional Learning

Social Bridges® is grounded in established research and decades of clinical work in the field of social-emotional development and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our comprehensive suite of services includes small, peer-group lessons, individual social coaching, parent training, and school curricula. Social Bridges utilizes interactive, age-appropriate activities to help children create meaningful connections while learning social skills. In a supportive environment, art, drama, storytelling, music, technology, and gaming activities are all used to engage and motivate. Our mission is to equip children, teens, and young adults with the emotional intelligence, social competencies, and lifelong interpersonal skills to succeed. 

Social Bridges

Skill Building Groups, Clubs, Parent Training, and Support

Social Bridges provides children and young adults engaging opportunities to develop social competencies that are the hallmarks of successful people. Interactive group classes, individualized coaching, parent training, and special programs help participants gain the “soft skills” to understand their emotions, interact with others, and build healthy friendships. LEARN MORE

Our comprehensive resources are especially beneficial for individuals who have diagnoses of ADHD, gifted or twice exceptional, ASD, anxiety disorders, and learning differences.

Social Bridges
ToolBox Curriculum

SEL for Schools, Homeschool Groups, Recreational Programs, and More!

Designed for students in preschool through twelfth grade, Social Bridges ToolBox® provides educators with a comprehensive, evidence-based social-emotional curriculum that includes developmentally-appropriate lesson plans, play-based activities, and training for teachers and parents. Schools benefit from Social Bridges’ expertise and ongoing, personalized support.

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kids learning playing outside social emotional learning

Embracing Social-Emotional Learning

Students Need Support More Than Ever How COVID-19 Impacted Social-Emotional Learning Embracing Social-Emotional Learning proves to be a challenge in some areas. However, due to the pandemic, children and teens of all ages missed out on critical social...

The Importance of Creating Connection

Making connections and building community is an inherent part of elementary school – from checking in on emotions during circle time to learning how to play well in class activities. As our kids grow older, however, the focus of instruction shifts to...
teacher desk apple books school

Thank You, Teachers.

Social Media is buzzing with posts from teachers and school counselors starting the new school year. I delight in reading about their excitement and energy as they ready their classrooms and prepare to welcome students. At Social Bridges, we recognize the...
20th birthday balloons

Social Bridges Comes of Age

Social Bridges turns 20 this year! Happy 20th Birthday to Social Bridges! It’s hard to believe that it has been twenty years since we began helping children, teens, and families in Central Florida. As Social Bridges comes of age, we’d like to share with you...
healthy habits

Social Emotional Resolutions for the New Year

It’s a new year, which means it’s a new opportunity for resolutions. Eating healthy, staying organized, exercising, all of these resolutions are good for you, well intended, and helpful. If we dig a little deeper, there are other resolutions we can explore. ...

Gratitude: It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving…

It’s that time of year where we typically hear buzzwords like “thankful” and “grateful.” What exactly does the word gratitude mean? It means feeling thankful and appreciative for the positive in our lives. Did you know that expressing gratitude has mental...
social emotional learning

The Search for a SEL Curriculum: What Really Matters?

Over time, we have learned that impactful education is about far more than academics alone. While the cognitive, language, physical and social emotional aspects of development are vital, it is social-emotional development that sets the framework for learning...
luca social emotional learning vespa

Loving Luca: Teachable Moments for Social-Emotional Learning

At Social Bridges, one technique we use to implement social-emotional learning in elementary school groups is by reading stories, often referred to as bibliotherapy.  Wonderful children’s authors, such as Julia Cook, help kids build emotional literacy by...
neurodiversity rainbow autism matters

Autism Inclusivity: Representation in Books & Media

To all the parents out there who are trying their hardest to give their children the best life possible despite the circumstances, you are amazing. We know that representation matters, so here is a list of resources to encourage Autism inclusivity and help...
little engine that could

Building Resilient Children

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the beloved childhood story about resilience, The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper. Read Aloud Available Here. This cherished tale of a determined, resilient little train, chugging up a seemingly insurmountable...


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